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This is not your average vibrator. The Stronic Surf (say that five times fast!) Actually thrusts in and out to stimulate P-in-V sex. While the ridges may look strange at first, they come in pretty clutch as clitoral stimulation to help you orgasm. There are 10 settings too, ranging from light thrusts to OMGWHATISHAPPENINGILOVEIT. Rechargeable and waterproof too so you have ~ options ~.
Yup, that rubber band on there is totally intentional, and not because someone failed to completely unwrap the packaging. At the heart of it, this is a rabbit vibrator that will provide dual external and internal stimulation that when paired with the band also adds powerful stimulation to your labia, clit, and perineum during play too. You can experiment around with the band to see what feels best for you, but with so many options, you \ u2019re pretty much guaranteed to have an incredible orgasm from any angle.
The only problem with the Ora 3 is that it \ u2019s probably better at giving oral sex than your actual human partner. I know, I know, it looks like a weird space disk, but behind the soft silicone is a tiny little ball that moves around to whatever pattern you choose (there are plenty to pick from) and simulates an actual tone. And the whole dang thing vibrates as well, so you \ u2019re just about promised a crazy-strong orgasm every single time. Basically this thing is like the robot version of a human mouth you never knew you wanted. And, of course, it \ u2019s rechargeable.
Whether you \ u2019re looking to ~ make a statement ~ or are just the sort of person who needs the convenience of literally wearing your vibrator around your neck (we \ u2019re all that person sometimes, TBH), the Vesper has you covered. It \ u2019s designed to look like an actual piece of jewelry and fits in the palm of your hand. If you \ u2019re worried something that tiny will not be enough to get you going, this is one of the strongest clit vibes out there. Maybe it \ u2019s something about that metal-on-skin contact, or maybe it \ u2019s the three settings this little guy operates on, but it \ u2019s great for a really strong clit orgasm. Get you a vibe that can do both (make you orgasm and double as a sleek piece of jewelry).
However, if you are in the market for a pink suction-cup dildo, may I recommend this one? It \ u2019s got a slight curve to hit all your sweet spots and the suction cup on the bottom means you can attach it onto your shower walls and ride it while stimulating your clit / deep conditioning your hair. Plus if the idea of coming home and seeing this beautiful pink dildo attached to your shower walls doesn \ u2019t make you smile, then TBH what will?
This attachment fits over the head of your electric toothbrush and transforms it into a discreet but powerful external vibrator. Since pretty much everyone and their mom has some iteration of that one Oral-B toothbrush, this is great for beginners who want an inconspicuous sex toy without having to, like, carry around a bright-pink suction-cup dildo.
Besides looking like those tangly stress things they sell at museum gift shops, the Picobong Transformer is actually kinda amazing. Two vibrators on each end mean that this baby can be a rabbit vibrator, clitoral massager, cock ring, G-spot stimulator, prostate massager, and more. It \ u2019s like the Swiss Army knife of double-ended vibrators, or the convertible pants of vibrating double-ended dildos. Five for the price of one! Party!
A quality, built-to-last vibrator can get expensive, so if you \ u2019re looking for something on the more affordable end try Cheven's Dual Motor Finger Vibe. The flexible silicone layers provide incredibly stimulating texture, and it slips easily over your fingers to give you a ~ magic touch ~ (with a USB-rechargeable assist, of course.)
Not only is the bright green a welcome departure from the world of pink and purple sex toys, but curved shaft also feels great for exploring pressure inside your vagina. This toy is also quiet and operates on a few different modes so you can make sure you get the best orgasm possible. It \ u2019s also rechargeable, which is truly \ ud83d \ ude4c.
Not only does the new Magic Wand mean you \ u2019re no longer tethered to a wall, but it \ u2019s also lighter and quieter while still maintaining the same powerful rumbly vibrations women have been relying on for 47 years. Attachment heads for more direct clitoral stimulation and penetration are also sold separately, so you can always pimp your wand out later like an aftermarket car stereo. And don \ u2019t worry, there \ u2019s still a plug-and-play option if you neglected to charge it but need an orgasm, like, now.
This couple \ u2019s toy is meant to be worn almost like a clip on your mons pubis. It features both external and internal vibration, is rechargeable, comes with a remote, and is chic as hell too (duh, it \ u2019s Lelo). It \ u2019s like having a hands-free, super-powerful vibrator on your clit the whole time plus teasing rumbly vibrations inside you with every thrust.
This best-selling penis ring is made of stretchy silicone to fit most penises and features rumbly vibrations so you \ u2019ll both be in for a treat. It \ u2019s rechargeable, so you never have to bother with batteries, and there are three intuitive controls so you don \ u2019t have to memorize any special button routines just to learn how to turn something on and off. Pop it on a dildo and you \ u2019ve got yourself a toy that now vibrates too!
The Ina Wave is like the hoverboard of rabbit vibrators. Not only does it feature two powerful motors (one to hug your clitoris, and one to stimulate you inside), the internal component can actually move up and down. They say the sensation simulates your partner \ u2019s fingers moving inside you, but considering the Ina Wave can go for two hours without getting a wrist cramp, we \ u2019d say it \ u2019s better. It \ u2019s also fully waterproof, rechargeable, and features 10 different settings.
If you \ u2019re looking for the perfect butt plug, you found it. The B-Vibe plug not only vibrates, it also has beads in the stem that simulate the feeling of being rimmed. An easy-to-use remote means it \ u2019s just as fun with a partner as it is solo too.
Not only is the Tenga Iroha Stick extremely cute, it \ u2019s also more powerful than you \ u2019d imagine for a battery-operated vibe. Uncap the lipstick top to reveal a smooth silicone bullet vibrator with a perfectly engineered tip to cup your clitoris. It \ u2019s splashproof and has multiple speeds too.
The We-Vibe Touch is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand while the flexible silicone tip nestles against your labia and clitoris. The tip is more than powerful with rumbly vibrations and slim enough to fit between you and a partner during sex. This is a great couple \ u2019s vibrator for those who don \ u2019t necessarily want a wearable component.
While a penis ring might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to sex toys, this is not your average penis ring. The Lelo Tor is made of silky silicone and vibrates to give you tons of clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. You can wear it with the vibrator on top or on the bottom of his shaft for different sensations, and it \ u2019s also rechargeable, waterproof, and comes with six built-in settings.
This rabbit-style vibrator features a vibrating internal component as well as a clitoral attachment that uses suction to simulate cunnilingus. If you \ u2019ve tried suction vibes but need a little something to push you over the edge or if you \ u2019ve exhausted your regs rabbit collection, you \ u2019ll definitely want to try this toy.
While this wand might look a bit strange, the curved handle is actually expertly designed for optimal comfort during use. It \ u2019s smaller than typical wands, (at 8.25 inches, it \ u2019s even smaller than the 10-inch Le Wand Petite), which makes it perfect for traveling. The handle makes it seamless to use with the head pointed up (partner play) or down (using it solo).
Even with the Lelo logo, the Mia 2 vibrator looks more like a mascara or lip gloss than it does a sex toy. Not to worry though, despite its under-the-radar appearance, this rechargeable vibe definitely isn \ u2019t lacking in power or intensity. The flat side of the vibe offers pinpointed vibration and six settings, so you \ u2019ll definitely find your sweet spot. Plus, if you uncap the toy, there \ u2019s a USB stick built in for easy charging on the go. No more lost cords!
At under $ 40, the Pixie vibrator is one of the best toys you can get for the money. While many cheaper toys tend to be battery-powered (less powerful) and only \ u201csplashproof, \ u201d the Pixie is both rechargeable and full-on waterproof. The toy is covered in FDA-approved silicone, has a travel case, and features dual tips to hug your clitoris for maximum pleasure.
The newer, smaller version of the rechargeable Le Wand vibrator is now travel friendly while still packing a punch. If you prefer wand-style vibes like the Hitachi Magic Wand, this should definitely be in your toy collection. The soft silicone head offers vibration over a large area, perfect for honing in on clitoral orgasms.
This slightly squishy, soft vibrator is contoured to fit easily in your hands and looks nothing like how you'd imagine a vibrator to look like (if conspicuousness is a concern of yours.) It \ u2019s got varying intensities, is rechargeable, waterproof, quiet, and cute to boot.
The bullet is the perfect vibrator \ u2014it \ u2019s small (aka travel size), simple, and can be used in so many ways. This inexpensive option has three speeds and seven vibration patterns, and is super quiet too. It \ u2019s like the little black dress of vibes, if a dress could give you orgasms.